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      About Huazhang

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      Company introduction

      Founded in 1992, Huazhang Technology  (HK01673)  was listed in Hong Kong in 2013. We are a leading papermaking equipment supplier in China operating in two business sectors, namely, paper equipment and recycling resources. We contract for turnkey projects, provide full-process automation systems, pulp & paper equipment, intelligent manufacturing and digital factory construction, clean production, operation and maintenance services for paper manufacturers, and actively participate in the construction and operation of paper projects in Belt and Road countries. We have introduced the world's most influential and professional team in the renewable resources field to develop green and low-carbon renewable resources industry and make greater contributions to the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

      As we are celebrating our 30th anniversary, we will be more open-minded and more innovative, and adhere to the concept of “Inclusion, Co-creation, Sharing” to strengthen the paper-making equipment industry. We will expand the renewable resources industry, work with our partners closely and make concerted efforts to write a magnificent chapter!

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